Two weeks into it…

And I’ve lost 10.4 pounds. I’m thrilled. I’m a bit apprehensive about it though, as it’s a bit TOO MUCH, TOO FAST. However, my summer of marathon training ahead of me should keep it off and keep it COMING OFF! Toot toot! Naaah. I’m just excited to see if I can get to a lower […]

Low Carb Stupidity

Okay, so I normally erase the spam I get from This one, in particular, caught my eye because of the subject line: Low Carb Stupidity. Here is the relevant text: Low carb stupidity #1 Selecting your beer or liquor carefully to make sure you have the brand with the fewest grams of carbs. Low […]

Current Weight Log

Okay, so I’ve had a bad Winter. I didn’t think it’d be so bad, but this is looking to be our most active Spring/Summer YET in terms of training. I can’t wait. I am gearing my body up for 27 weeks of 6-days-a-week training starting on May 3 and ending on October 31. We’re hoping […]

Stony Creek

Michelle and I ran at Stony Creek last night. 4 miles. First time in a long time. Felt rough at first, but after warming up, I was smoove. I forgot about the whole warming up thing. Maybe in training this year, I SHOULD actually warm up like the pros say you should.