Computer Madne$$

Yesterday was a busy day. I worked at Vintage King all day, updating their site as we prepare for a launch, hopefully today! I swung by Scott’s after work and unlocked his XP1600+. Let me tell you. I don’t know what it is, but his rig was able to come within 300 3DMarks of my […]

Overclocking Craziness

Tonight, I realized that I can change my Direct3D settings to be “best performance” instead of “best image quality”. Doing this, I was able to get my 3DMark score up to 13,933. Just a chin hair away from 14,000… my first main goal. Tried upping the video clock from 330 to 335, no eh eh… […]

Vintage King and Overclocking

Been working diligently getting product photos and information up for Vintage King Audio. Their site sure is getting somewhere over the past few months. I can’t wait until it’s done though, so I can rest… or will I miss it? The other night, I overclocked the BeJesus out of my system. I am currently running […]