First competitive run in some time!

Well, Michelle and I did a 5-man relay in today’s Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Bank Marathon. I had leg 2, which started in Windsor, ON, CA. Michelle had leg 5, which started just after the runners are done with the Belle Isle portion. We decided at the last minute that I’d drop Michelle off at our friend’s place rather than her drop me off at the buses for relay teams. This last-minute change caused me to miss the relay bus! I had to jog over to the tunnel, quickly, as the tunnel was closing at 7am or 715am (I wasn’t sure). I was lucky and found a group of 8 people who were also trying to get across. A van pulls up with a gal in the passenger seat who was getting a ride over. It was perfect. We all hopped in, had a teeny bit ‘o trouble at the Canadian side, but finally got let in!

The picture of us, the marathon hitchhikers!

Anyway, here is the path I ran! Thanks to PathTracker for the data and logging on my iPhone.

Michelle had a great time with her leg of the relay! Considering we didn’t make much time for training, we’re very pleased with our runs today. We’re also feeling that “itch” and want to do it again! We’ll probably train more and do the Turkey Trot! Oh, and the weather was AMAZING! Of the 5 marathon events we’ve been involved in, today, as far as I can recall, had the BEST WEATHER POSSIBLE!

Our official results:

Leg 1 (7.1 miles) (1:12:52) (10:16/mi) 1:12:52 Johnathan Kime
Leg 2 (5.6 miles) (1:01:03) (10:54/mi) 2:13:55 Peter Filias
Leg 3 (4.6 miles) (0:39:40) (08:37/mi) 2:53:35 George Law
Leg 4 (3.0 miles) (0:43:02) (14:21/mi) 3:26:37 Ramsey Shurafa
Leg 5 (5.9 miles) (1:00:59) (10:20/mi) 4:27:36 Michelle Filias

You can see some photos here:
Detroit Skyline from Windsor