Florida is great so far!

So I’m down here for a conference, and as my first one, I’m happy to say that the weather has been great, the people I’ve met have been great, the people I’m down here with our great (my coworkers), and the food has been great.

Michelle comed down later tonight for a few days of R&R. I’m really looking forward to having her down here, as we get a chance to be kids again. We’re staying at Walt Disney World. I forgot to mention that.

The weather has been mostly sunny and in the 80s and dry since I got here on Saturday. I can’t complain. I missed out, as last year, this conference I’m at was in Hawaii. Next year, it’s in Vegas. That should be good times, too. I’ve only been to Vegas once, and it was only for about 6 hours…on a whim!