Trip to the mall

Michelle and I were about to leave her parents’ house when Kim came to pick up Louie. After visiting for a few more, we decided to leave the boys (Ben and Louie) and go to the mall to get some makeup for Kim’s costume party the following night. I also had to pick up some […]

Wireless iPod Speaker System

It’s been a while since I blogged about something that caught my eye. I was looking at an issue of Wired Magazine that highlights the “best” gear of certain categories. It’s kind of like a Consumer Reports issue for people who actually buy cool stuff, and not can openers. Anyway, Oregon Scientific, normally known for […]

Testing new blogging browser, Flock

I was turned onto this browser yesterday. I saw it at as well as being told about it from a few friends. Kind of neat; built off of Firefox. I’m sure it’ll become popular for those who don’t want to add 3rd party (even though this is one) blogging toolslike w.Bloggar.