Not much time to write lately.

You know, I sit here, daily, programming away at work, sometimes venturing off to websites that have strange things, like the South Park character generator, news, tech sites, and mostly, sites that show deals at retailer websites. I love buying things, so that’s why I go to those sites!

I’ve been very busy at work lately, trying to get a big project done before we have our baby. I’d hate to leave the project unfinished for a few weeks, so I’ve been setting aside extra mental bandwidth for the project, and it’s been a damn good time, too. Been learning more about ASP and tying in with databases and recordsets. Thanks to my friend, Tim, at work.

After this Saturday, we’ll be home-free in terms of having the baby. We have a final exam and a portfolio project due that day. We’re crossing our fingers and praying the little person will at least wait a few more days. We’re about 3 weeks to go as of this coming Saturday!!!