11+ hours later, we made it!!!

Talk about shitty weather!!! It rained almost the ENTIRE WAY… We had an uneventful, trip, though, which is good. Had to add a little air to the front driver’s side tire. 😀 I can’t wait to see this place in the daylight!!! Oh yeah, thanks to Bill at work, we listened to The Da Vinci […]

Runner Tracking during the Race this Weekend

I was wrong about the map tracking. You can only track via e-mail. I guess it’ll send you e-mail when I cross certain points. http://www.doitsports.com/results/RUN-track.tcl?id=2941 Just go there, create an account (as required) and then search for Filias. There, you’ll be able to tell it to email you when I cross the finish line, midpoint, […]

iPod Photo announced today!

Apple’s at it again. They announced today, the release of their iPod Photo. Color screen (65,000 colors), album art, photo syncing. What else could you ask for? Perhaps a media card reader? Or at least a slimline media reader that you’d plug into the dock connector? Information on iPod Photo at Apple I think the […]

iPod U2 Special Edition

I was poking around Gizmodo and saw this. Looks pretty slick, but it also reminds me of the Viking Gym that recently closed, on 8 Mile Road. I love my silver iPod Mini. However, if I were to get a full-size iPod, I’d consider this one. Black is too cool to pass up! More info […]

Funny ass haircut site!!!

Alex sent this along!!! KentuckyWaterfalls Here’s an example of what you’ll find on that site: Ape Drape (What else can you call it?) By definition, this is already a painfully bad haircut, but on mullet standards it is in a state of infancy. All hair is combed back into a drape much like that of […]

I don’t get it…

I didn’t blog a single thing since talking about going to the Lions games that they lost, dagnabbit!!! What’s new? Not much. Just have a darned migraine headache. I guess, while I’m up, I should get working on doing a dry run of a phpBB installation using Microsoft Access as the database and IIS as […]