I love my iPod

So, I’m going running right now, I know, I’ve already said that. However, a few weeks ago, Scott taught me about making playlists on the iPod. I always thought I had to do the On-the-Go Playlist, which is kind of a pain in the ass. Having to scroll through and individually select albums, or songs to add to a “current” playlist. Again, hassle. Now, I’m going through and making a playlist for running. I’ve been running to either rap or electronica, but now, I’m actuall making a list of songs that are actually GOOD. I suppose I could do this thing that Scott does. He goes through and ranks all his songs with 1 to 5 stars. Then he makes smart playlists that play only songs that are rated as a 5. So, no matter what songs you add to your iPod, you’ll have a playlist that plays the songs you chose as best! Hmm… a lot of work?