Fun-filled day ahead of me!

Today looks to be a fun-filled day. Got some damn good sleep, about 8 hours. Getting ready to go and do my 12 miles this morning. Although I know I need to train and put my time in, I’m glad it’s only 12 miles. Next weekend is 18 miles, then 14, then 20, then 12, and then 8, I think, and then the race (we’re talking weekend long-runs here).

After my run, I get to come home and wind-down again for a little bit. Steve is coming into town for the bachelor party. We’re going biking at Pontiac Lake at 3pm. Should be awesome. Not sure I’ve ever done a long run and biked Pontiac Lake on the same day. I can’t wait.

After the biking, we’ll have to start getting ready. We’ll get warshed up, and then start doing our thing. Probably need to do some last minute shopping before the par-tay!