House stuff

So, we have our 3 rooms painted now. What a nice job this guy did. John Cosgrove (J & C Painting). He came well recommended. He took 4 days to do 3 rooms. I can’t say it was time or money wasted. I didn’t have to do this, and now it’s done. We even put up crown moulding in our master bedroom (thanks Dad Duck)! Looks awesome.

Now we’re on a mission to get these three rooms up and running in their new face. We bought ceiling fans for our bedroom and the office. I thought it’d be simple to install them yesterday, like everyone said, but it wasn’t. The ceilings don’t have the support braces needed for the fans. I’ll have to make it a bit longer of a project, but it’s good not to be hasty on things like this.

On Sunday, I went up North to ride 4 wheelers with my frat brother, Gerry Lee. He’s probably asked me about 5-7 times to go, and I’ve always been booked. I kept telling him that I needed a bit more than a 1 day lead on the timing. He told me about 2 weeks in advance so that I’d be free and clear to go. We went up near Mio, MI, and rode 60 miles. It was awesome! Like snowmobiling, but you didn’t get cold. You got dusty!!! REAL dusty!

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I crashed Kelly’s 4 wheeler into a tree with the left front corner. The tire hit the tree as well, blowing out the control arm bushings. Scared the hell out of me, but everything was okay with me and the ATV. Heck, if I had a place up North, I’d highly consider a 4 wheeler over a snowmobile. Way more versatile! Thanks again, Gerry Lee!

Labor Day was spent resting. We enjoyed ourselves all day. We even did a 4 mile run up at Stony, but it wasn’t that enjoyable, as it was hot and muggy. Starting today, the weather is looking real nice.

I’m about 5 pounds heavier at the moment than I was at the same point in my training last year. I’m also running slower on my long runs. Maybe I’m not as into it as I was last year. They say you’re really into it on your 3rd race. I seemed to be more into it on my 2nd race (last summer). I was working out five days a week, cross training at the gym once a week, and really watching what I ate, including eating lots of extra protein. This year: Just running. Barely dieting. And not eating nearly enough protein. On top of all that, I have a left hip pain every day, as well as a left shin splint like I had the first year (two years ago). Not sure what to make of it. Really wears me out, physically and mentally. WHOA IS ME!