Okay, I’m nuts.

So, I’m in 5 Fantasty Football leagues. One of them is mine, which has no money involved, and the other 4 are money leagues. Least year, I did alright. I won 1 league, outright, and came in 2nd overall (and 1st in my HALF of the league) in the keeper league that I’m now into my 2nd year in. The other 3, I didn’t do so hot, but I got all my money back and then some.

This year, here are my preseason rosters (bold designates the starters):

My Yahoo League (12 teams):

QB: T. Green
QB: J. Harrington
WR: J. Horn
WR: J. McCareins
WR. M. Robinson

WR: Q. Morgan
RB: E. James
RB: C. Dillon

RB: C. Martin
TE: R. McMichael
K: R. Longwell

K: S. Jankikowski
DEF: Seattle

My Sig Tau Yahoo League (10 teams):

QB: D. Culpepper
QB: B. Favre
WR: J. Horn
WR: C. Rogers
WR: K. Johnson

WR: D. Stallworth
WR: D. Driver
RB: D. McAllister
RB: R. Johnson

RB: D. Staley
RB: E. Smith
K: R. Longwell
K: J. Hall

My OFFL Keeper League (12 teams per league, 24 total):

QB: C. Pennington
QB: B. Johnson
RB: S. Davis
RB: T. Wheatley

RB: E. Smith
WR: M. Harrison
WR: D. Bennett

WR: A. Lelie
WR: K. Johnson
K: J. Elam
K: M. Gramatica
DEF: New England
DEF: Chicago

My GGGFL Sportsline League (8 teams):

QB: P. Manning
QB: J. Delhomme
RB: L. Tomlinson
RB: D. Davis

RB: M. Bennett
RB: L. Suggs
WR: D. Mason
WR: S. Smith
WR: C. Rogers

WR: J. McCareins
K. J. Wilkins
K: A. Vinatieri
DEF: Buccaneers
DEF: Seahwaks

My NSTL Sportsline League: (12 teams)

QB: M. Hasselbeck
QB: A.J. Feely
QB: J. McCown
RB: S. Alexander
RB: D. Davis

RB: T. Minor
RB: E. Smith
WR: S. Moss
WR: C. Chambers

WR: D. Bennett
WR: J. Smith
WR: T. Taylor
TE: B. Williams
K: S. Janikowski
K: J. Hall
DEF: Dolphins
DEF: Packers