Belle Tire… grief, but resolution!

I can’t believe this turn of events… for ONCE, something worked out in my favor in the consumer marketplace!

A few weeks back, I had to get some new tires for the Saab. I decided to be cheap and get some Sumitomos instead of the OEM Pirelli P-Zero Rossos they put on at the factory. It was a big difference in cost. Anyway, I had the Belle Tire on Michigan Avenue, near Outer Dr., mount them. Shouldn’t have been a big deal, but it took quite some time, almost two hours. I’m sure part of this was waiting to get the car in the garage.

Anyway… I was cleaning the Saab the other day, first time in a long time, over a month and a half, I think, and I noticed that while cleaning the wheels, there were gouges near each and every valve stem (count it: four!). Crazy. I knew that I had one gouge on the outer rear left wheel, from a car wash track that I drove into and steered too far left.

Anway… I decided that I needed to at least ASK Belle Tire about this problem and see if they could do it. I thought about just going there and asking them about it, in person, but I thought I’d get a poor response. Instead, I went to Belle Tire’s website and filled out the Contact Us form. “Yeah, right!” is what I thought.

Anyway… I was flabbergasted when I received a call from the manager of the store yesterday asking me about what happened. He told me to bring the car in today, near lunchtime, and he’d have a look and see if he couldn’t get me taken care of.

I took the car there at about 11:30, met with Tom and Hectore, and showed them the gouged wheels. They are going to give me loaner wheels tomorrow (ones that will at least look cool, Tom said) and send my wheels out to get refinished! That means even the scuff or two that I caused on my own will get fixed! Total cost: $380-500.

I’m very thankful it was handled this way. The letter I wrote to them was very courteous and professional. I hope that had something to do with this.

On a side note, I have slight migracious brewing…