Dino’s shower weekend

This weekend was pretty busy with Dino and Danielle’s wedding shower. Saturday, the girls made the centerpieces at my mom and dad’s house. We were there having a BBQ for their 38th anniversary, mainly. It was very nice. The girls put the final touches on Sunday’s shower.

The shower was absolutely wonderful. It was at Andiamo on the Lakefront in St. Clair Shores. It was held upstairs, and the room was beautiful. The staff there was top notch. They helped us bring gifts and decorations upstairs to start off. They were courteous throughout the afternoon. I had fun at the bar with Mr. Pensule, as well as my dad, Rob, and Demo. It was also nice to see the family and friends that were invited, as well as getting a chance to meet a few new faces. Dino and Danielle were very thankful and courteous, themselves, the entire day! After the shower, we went to Dino’s house to unload gifts and just hang out for about 2 hours, just BSing, laughing, and generally hanging out.

Saturday, we had an awesome 13 mile training run. I haven’t talked much about our marathon training this summer. It’s been going quite well actually. I had a bad 12 mile run last week, so Saturday’s 13 miler was very refreshing. You need a rebound week after you have a poor outing.