First golf lessons!

Michelle and I had the pleasure of having our first golf lessons of our life on Saturday morning, after our 10 mile run! PHEW! Bob Menzies, one of our first website clients, gave us his promised complimentary lessons! We’re so excited about it, that we’re going to go and get a few more lessons so that Michelle can be a decent player at her outing for work later this month, and I can eventually go and play 9 or 18 holes and not be a complete tool!

Bob was very patient, very thorough, and extremely professional! This guy knows what he’s talking about!

He was awesome. He used his video camera along w/ the NEAT swing analysis system. He drew lines to show us if we were swinging properly, standing properly, and following through properly. He did a split-screen to compare our swing and stance with Tiger Woods, Bob’s opinion of the best golfer in the universe! Again, I was basically flabbergasted at the end of the lesson! He improved our swing incredibly, and that was just with a 1/2 hour lesson, each. He had us use the 7 iron only, too. After our lesson, I whacked a few with a borrowed driver from the shop at Mulligan’s.