Hello from Arizona!

It’s hot as hell in Phoenix, but it’s very pleasant up in Show Low. As soon as Michelle and I found Aaron’s house, played with Levi for a few, and repacked a small suitcase, we headed out to meet up with Sean and then head northeast to Show Low. What a beautiful drive up there. I can definitely see why people go up north, to the mountains. They want to get out of the summer heat. It’s at least 20 degrees cooler up there. We stayed at the Best Western, just outside of Show Low. Our plans were to go to the casino after we ran. Yes, although we were tired, we mustered up the strength and will to run six miles. It was definitely tough, as we were at about 7,500 feet of elevation. It made it very difficult to get warmed up, but we finally did it. The end of the run was starting to cold as the sun was down. What an experience, though.

For the way back, we drove past the big fires that are going on (pictures to follow in coming days). As we approached the fire area, the sky was getting hazier and hazier, and we could smell the smoke in the air. Our noses and throats were even getting a bit affected. Very cool, though! I just hope there is little or no property damage with this fire. Two years ago, almost 500,000 acres burnt up in the area. It’s dry, and fires start easily!

Happy Fourth of Joooooooly, everybody!