Indy 500

Man… what an awesome weekend! I didn’t expect the Indy 500 weekend/race day was going to be such a big deal! Man, that town knows how to party! Michelle and I had an absolutely wonderful time hanging out with Pepe and Sarah, Pepe’s sisters (Lisa and Krysten, sorry Beth), Lisa’s husband, Dave and Kari, and some other cats from Indy, Chicago, and parts “unknown”.

Link to the photos and video clips.

Yes, you read that right. I actually did some video encoding for these clips. The race was just too damn awesome not to include some of these!

I hope you enjoy the photos and videos! I sure did. I enjoyed making them, too.

I am definitely interested in going again!

The race had to get called at 180 laps (I think it was supposed to be 200). It was rain delayed for 1 hour and 47 mins. to start, then delayed again after 30 laps. Finally, it was called due to tornadoes coming into the area. We were supposed to meet up with Turk and Angela, but the bad weather didn’t allow for this. Saddened by the whole deal. Turk said he saw an actual tornado. Exciting and scary at the same time, I’m sure. Maybe next time, Jesse!