Rain, rain, go away…

…come again some other day! It rained over 3 inches over the weekend for a total of 8 inches for the month of May, which is EXTRAORDINARY!! The Clinton River, out near my neck ‘o the woods, is pretty much causing flooding all over the place. The Hayloft bar on Ryan road is pretty much covered in water. The river crested and ended up making the parking lot a small lake. I couldn’t imagine the Hayloft being open for business any time soon!

Mr. Michigan contest
Jon and I hung out all weekend. Damn good times. We went to the Mr. Michigan contest at the Redford Theatre in a pretty seedy part of town! Anyway, his friends, Greg, Justin, and Derek competed. Justin won the heavyweight and overall, Greg came in 2nd place in middleweight, and Derek came in 2nd place in super heavyweight. You can check out the photos here. You can also see that many ladies have been putting it to work in the gym. There’s a wide range of femail physiques here, from slightly “softer” to extremely ripped. It’s exciting to see people’s dedication and discipline paying off! Congrats to all the contestants!

Dead tree…begone!!!
Jon and Chris came over on Saturday to help me remove an old tree stump. The aftermath.

The garden is fully planted, frontyard and backyard versions. Expect to see pictures in the next few days. Michelle busted her ass all day Saturday planting to her heart’s content! Stay tuned for her “dirty” work!

Beyond Borders
Michelle and I watched a great movie last night. Beyond Borders, with Angelina Jolie, was a very good film. One of those movies that is both exciting, and gripping. The movie is about the human aid/relief business and how it works in various areas of the world. They dealt with Africa, southeast Asia, and ended up in Chechnya.