Two weeks into it…

And I’ve lost 10.4 pounds. I’m thrilled. I’m a bit apprehensive about it though, as it’s a bit TOO MUCH, TOO FAST. However, my summer of marathon training ahead of me should keep it off and keep it COMING OFF! Toot toot! Naaah. I’m just excited to see if I can get to a lower […]

First Red Hat 9 Blog Entry

Okay, so this is my first entry from my Red Hat 9 installation on my main desktop at home. Man, what a bitch it was to get this thing up and running due to my motherboard’s nVidia chipset. The problem was that I couldn’t get the network card to work. Thanks to Mike at, […]

Review of IM alternatives

Ars Technica wrote up a review of various IM client alternatives. This is the conclusion page. It’s all you really need. I’m a pretty big Trillian advocate, but I’ve been looking at and using gAIM a bit more and more lately. I like it’s simplistic design. It seems to operate nice and fast. Although, it […]