Good morning….

Yeah yeah. How’s it going?

Today, at the gym:

Ran 30

Saturday Night Basile Comedy Show
Saturday, my mom and dad, Demo, and my aunt Effie, went to the Royalty House to see Basile, this Greek comedian. He was frickin’ OFF THE HOOK!! I think Dino and Gina would’ve loved it. Gina was booked, and Dino was probably resting. I actually didn’t even ask either of them if they wanted to go. I wanted to horde my mom and dad to myself! We went to Buddy’s for some salad, pizza, and drinks, first! Anyway, the opening act was Jimmy Santis and this woman, his girl, wife, ???. They have a bunch of parody Greek songs (covers of American songs like Super Freak). They sang and acted them out. It was hilarious! Basile’s act was more of a stand-up routine. He had jokes about Greek food, living with Yia-yia and Papou, picking weeds (Greeks like to pick dandelion leaves (chickory) and boil them up and eat them with Olive Oil), Greek accents, Olympics 2004, and all sorts of other subject-material! Overall, we had a great time!

Midterm in Managerial Accounting
Michelle and I had a midterm in Managerial Accounting on Saturday morning. We got there about 10:00 and were done at about 12:15. Not bad. Longer than I thought it’d be. I sure hope I did good enough to get a B. The test wasn’t AS BAD as I thought it’d be. Let’s hope for the best. After the exam, we went to the Oakland Mall (it had been a long time) and did some binging. It’s always nice to buy stuff!

Sunday was nice
We slept in until 10:30 on Sunday, which is VERY RARE for us. It was nice though. We just rested, went shopping, again, and hung out. We went to Kim and Matt’s last night for cake and ice cream for Matt’s 28th birthday! It was very nice. We also congratulated Vanessa and Nathan on their recent engagement (Friday night).