Trip is Winding Down!

My trip to the Big Apple is nearing its end. I can’t say I’ve had a bad time because I’ve had an amazing time hanging out with John and his friends. Last night, I played cards with 3 of his close friends from work…and I took their money. It felt great. I never really get a chance to play cards. We played poker for a bit, with low stakes, then the stakes kept increasing as we ended the night with lots of drinking and lots of Blackjack…my favorite. The way we played was that each person dealt three hands. While they dealt, they were the bank….so the odds were in their favor. I think I walked away with about +200 dollars! SCHWING!

We’re going out tonight with Lenore’s (John’s roommate) friend, Karen. We’re going out for dinner and then probably drinks… I think I’ve had drinks every night. I need a break from this break! It’ll be good to be home, dieting, running, and lifting! But school awaits…Whoa is me.

The only thing left for me to do is go to the Empire State Building. Lenore tells me that it’ll be like a 3 hour wait…I may forego this experience and just try and head up to Astoria and check out the NYC Greeks!!!