Week one is done!

[Listening to: Average Man – Obie Trice – Cheers (04:17)]

Ran 30

Okay, week one is complete. The next few weeks are going to be tough. Partly because I’m going to NYC for about 7 days from Feb. 21 (night) – Feb. 27 (night). I probably won’t be lifting then, but I will try and do a little running, especially in and around Central Park!

I’m actually quite thrilled about my trip to NYC for a number of reasons.

1) I will get to hang out with one of my best friends growing up, John, this whole time.
2) I’ll get 40 hours of ASP training (active server pages). Very excited about that. Worked with ASP here and there over there past few years, but never had formal training. I can’t wait. The training is in Parispanny, NJ, which is 28.8 miles from where John lives, which is in the East Village, Lower Manhattan. Driving will probably be a nightmare…but it’ll add to the excitement.
3) I’ll get to see the Statue of LIberty, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, and other NYC landmarks I’ve always wanted to see.
4) I’ll get to make my first corporate trip on Ford’s account.
5) I’ll get a chance to go to either Atlantic City or Philadelphia. I think we’ll shoot for going to Philadelphia!
6) See a broadway show or David Letterman, or both!
7) Get harassed by street vendors trying to sell me bootleg of movies on DVD. Why bother when I can do that shit myself?

After this trip, my 2nd in a short time, I’ll be heading to Colorado to meet up with Sean for 3 more days of snowboarding. I can’t wait! That’ll be Mar. 17 (night) – March 21 (evening).