I picked up two Navy Blue Herman Miller Aeron chairs yesterday that were slightly used (at a show or convention). I think I got a pretty good deal on them. Paid about half of what they go for on Ebay. Michelle loved them. I brought them in last night while she was sleeping. This morning, she was very shocked and very happy to see them.

This is the chair, but ours are navy blue. They look FABULOUS!!!

Michelle’s PDA Quest
I think Michelle is ready for another PDA. Our Handspring Visors we got a few years ago went kaput a few years ago! Michelle’s role is changing at work, so she’s going to be in need of a PDA, to do a lot of work “on the go”. I think we’re going to get her the Palm Tungsten T3. It’s got a 320×480 display, which is DOUBLE the resolution that my Dell Axim X5 Advanced has. I’m also in the market for a new PDA. I might auction my Axim on my site, Axim Users Dot Com.

The Saab has been pretty solid. I’m in the middle of a small dispute with the service writer (and the dealership) to replace all four of the Pirelli P-Zeros with the newer ones they are putting on the car (slightly harder rubber compound). They want me to pay $46 per tire. I think they should pay if they are going with a slightly different compound…don’t you agree?