Trip is Winding Down!

My trip to the Big Apple is nearing its end. I can’t say I’ve had a bad time because I’ve had an amazing time hanging out with John and his friends. Last night, I played cards with 3 of his close friends from work…and I took their money. It felt great. I never really get […]

Journey to New Jersey

I took pictures every half block or so on my journey from John’s apartment to the subway, to the bus stop, to the bus, and to the class in New Jersey (about 15 min. walk from the bus stop). I’m going to make a collection of “stills” depicting my journey. I can’t wait to do […]

Avenue Q

John and I went and saw Avenue Q this evening after work (school for me). Avenue Q was an adult audience based puppet show with puppets that resembled those of Jim Henson’s world. Hilarious! Unique! I was fighting myself to stay away for a little bit of it, near the end of the first half […]

Morning commute in NYC

So, today was my first attempt at getting from Lower Manhattan to West Orange, NJ, where my Microsoft ASP training class is being taught. Here’s how it went down: I woked up at about 5:30, with no help from an alarm clock for some crazy reason. I actually got out the door at about 6:00, […]

NYC is busy busy busy!

Oh boy! This place is nuts! Busy busy busy is all I have to say. John took me for a whirlwind tour of downtown Manhattan. Fantastic experience, indeed. Strolled by Ground Zero, Battery Park, Wall St., and other areas. Big city. Lots of people…and it’s only Sunday. I could only imagine what it’s like here […]

I’m Impressed With THIS!

Get this. I’m at Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) and I’m about to head to NYC for some Microsoft ASP training in NJ. I’m staying with John in Manhattan, and will be taking mass transit to my hotel/class in NJ. I’ll take a combination of the subway and Decamp Bus Lines route 66/66R to West Orange, […]


Ran 30 Chest Feeling kind of weak… like my body is fighting a cold/respiratory infection. I gotta shake it so that my trip to NYC is flawless. 😀 Still gotta watch 1 1/2 hours of lecture tonight and at least two hours of lecture tomorrow before I head out… that’s what the weekends are like…school. […]