Pistons game and my own BDAY gift…

So…my first Pistons game in quite some time, about a year or so. My cousin Ike scored some AWESOME tickets! Mind you, the Pistons are on a 9 game win-streak before this game. Anyway, we sat 7 rows from the floor, not counting the 2 rows that are actually ON the floor. We sat directly LEFT of the bench. The seats were awesome! Demo and Jason came, too…the original B-UNIT!

Here’s an example of how close we sat: January 14, 2004 -- Pistons vs. Raptors 005 (Medium) (Custom).jpg

We left with about 2 minutes left in the game because Ike and I had to take a whiz.

Be sure the check out the photo album and also be sure to see the dude with the gold grill…it was tight!