Sorry about my absence as of late… I basically enjoyed my holiday time off with my lovely wife, Michelle.

Sickness was in the air though. I was sick with a mild fever and sore throat for a few days around Christmas, healing in time for our trip to the U.P. where we stayed at the Big Bay Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast. Pictures.

However, Michelle was a bit under the weather the day we were heading up there… but she was healed in plenty of time for us to have an amazing two days of PURE, UNADULTERATED rest up there. No cell phone calls about computer grief, website grief, or ANYTHING of that nature. I did have 8 voicemails when I finally got digital Sprint service around Higgins Lake. At least half of the calls were computer grief related. 🙂 I don’t mind. I love to help.

Did I mention I love my Saab. I finally got the front end aligned after having to take it to the Saab dealer twice. Now the car is back in business. Drives great…always a pleasure, thank you!

Michelle got a new car! We finally turned in her Rendezvous (it was neat, but not “us”) and got her a TrailBlazer LS (dark gray). Very nice ride. Two days after we got it, we drove it up to the U.P. What a nice ride. Smooth, quiet, and all that.