New laptop!!

I think Michelle and I are getting an upgrade for our home laptop. Well, it’s my developer laptop, too! We are selling our Latitude C810 and are replacing it with a Gateway 450ROG with a 1.3GHz, Centrino, 256MB Ram (upgrading to 768MB), 20GB HD, CD Burner/DVD Player, 15″ 1400×1050 display, and an ultra thin chassis at 1.3″. I know, there are some others out there toting less than 1″, but I just can’t handle a 12″ screen and 1024×768 resolution…although, it sure makes for a nice kitchen computer at that size! I had to order myself an AC Adapter, as it came with a Compaq adapter that wasn’t made for this Gateway! More to come…maybe I’ll post a picture of it in coming days!

Laundry Room
We’re getting there. Hung the blinds, changed the light switch and electrical socket, built the two cabinets. Today, we finish the cabinets by hanging them, with my father-in-law’s help, as well as hooking back up the washer and dryer! I can’t wait until it’s over!