Fun Thanksgiving weekend!

What a great weekend! It’s definitely a major plus that Michelle and I have the same holidays off at work, for the most part. Not having to go to work on Thursday and Friday was a very nice treat. It’s going to be even sweeter over the Christmas/New Year Holiday!!! I won’t have to go to work for about two weeks! We spent the weekend visiting family, partially, and doing our first home improvement project, redoing the laundry room.

Laundry Room
We painted the room a darker brown with white trim on windows and baseboards. It looks awesome! laundryroom.jpg
Here I am getting the painting under way!

The contrast is striking, in my opinion!

The “messy” stuff. The wash tub will cover all that “crap” anyway!

I can’t wait to put up the white cabinets tonight, and hopefully finalize the room by hooking the washer and dryer back up! We even found an offset elbow for the dryer vent so that we won’t have to have the dryer away from the wall as much!

We had dinner at Michelle’s mom and dad’s house. It was very nice. Kim and Matt came to visit for a few hours before they had to head off to Matt’s family’s house. We got there fairly early while Michelle helped her mom prepare the meal. During that time, I upgraded their computer by putting their stuff into a brand new case, and by upgrading their memory from 128MB to 224MB and giving them Windows XP Pro. It’s MUCH nicer than Windows 98 that was on there for over 4 years! I just have to get them a new soundcard, as the Diamond MX300 doesn’t work (have drivers) in Windows XP. They are going to be very happy with it. I also have to fix their e-mail. My mother-in-law still can’t e-mail out.

The Last Samurai
What an amazing movie. I am so glad we gave ourselves a break from spackling/sanding/priming on Friday night. We went to AMC Forum 30 to see a sneak preview of The Last Samurai, with Tom Cruise. Amazing, stunning, stupdendous. 9.75/10. 3h 24m of nonstop excitement, good storytelling, excellent acting, and downright good entertainment!