Conversation with Dan about popup ads!

Dan and I like to talk, sometimes debate, about varying topics, usually to do with technology and computers. I always try to share the things I run across with Dan, and others, and my latest push has been to tabbed browsing. Although the following quote is about pop-up ads, it stemmed from my push to use Mozilla or Firebird, which comes with a built-in popup blocker. Read below!

Dan: I know you hate em, and I hate em too (pop-ups) but tabbed browsing, pop-up blockers, etc. aren’t a plus to our career field. If the blockers were completely successful to get rid of a large portion of ads (a portion will still occur directly on the page itself) the internet would slowly start to dwindle away from it’s free nature, it already has. Just as in a similar but extreme example of taking away commercials on TV would lead to all paid prgramming. Instead of free shows, Like ER, Friends, and Smallville, your left only with HBO type shows, which are good, even great, but in terms of dollars to quantity there’s no comparison. Which leads to less content, which leads to less content providers (us the developers in the Internet version of this example). Therefore I’ll always support pop-up ads, and even click on them once in a while, not because I’m interested in the Ad but because of what it stands for and perpetuates. Just like TV commecials, I’ve never bought anything because of one and only like the ones that are funny, and even then I don’t know or care what they are peddling I just like the creative humor behind it. And that sir is my Diatribe for the Day. If I was geeky enough I’d put it a blog,but that’s just gross 🙂

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