Torn on which laptop!

I don’t think I’m buying a laptop any time soon, but you never know. I was himmin’ and hawin’ between a Mac or a PC laptop. I’ve recently decided that it would make most sense to get a laptop that runs Windows… but… last night, after work, I stopped by JT$’s place and got to play with his 15″ PowerBook G4… man, that thing is nice, thin, and super sleek! I might have to reconsider getting a PowerBook! Whoa is me!

Migracious and last night’s art show!
I hate headaches. So I had a whopping two beers last night at Matt Busch’s art show at the Emerald Theatre in Mount Clemens last night. Maybe it was the second hand smoke. My body must not like second hand smoke! It was very good to see Matt’s work, Matt, Frank, Delena, Denny, and Leah! Matt does some awesome work. Some of his latest stuff, The Hulk, rocks!