What a great long weekend.

Most people would want to go somewhere like Florida, or Arizona, for a long weekend. Michelle and I had such a great time visiting Dave and Sarah and their families this past weekend. Maybe it’s because we like the Midwest and the people of the Midwest, or maybe it’s because we like to spend time with Pepe and Sarah, or maybe it’s because we like how Green Bay is a bit slower than what we’re normally accustomed to. Green Bay is definitely slower. The only thing that was fast was getting to the Monday Night Football game last night. Even that wasn’t too bad. Getting to the Silverdome used to be a nightmare, but for some reason, getting to Flambeau, as I like to call it, didn’t seem too bad. The rain kind of sucked, but it helped to put us in that “Frozen Tundra” kind of mood. The only thing that would have been better is snow. If it were snowing, the overall environment would have been a bit easier to cope with, as the wet and cold kind of sucks. We dug deep though, had plent of beers, and had a damn good time. It’s too bad that the Packers lost such a close game to the Philadephia Eagles. Oh well.

Hanging out with Dr. and Mrs. Pappas and the rest of the family over the weekend was great. They are all such nice people, and so much fun. Most of them are die-hard football fans, and those who aren’t are still pretty neat, themselves.

I am completely honored that Pepe asked me to be his best man. I thought him and Sarah were kidding when they said that yesterday. Its kind of cool that they waited until the weekend was almost over before they finally asked me. It’s going to be so much fun going to their wedding next December 31, and being involved with their wedding. We will plan on heading to Green Bay next December 26th, or 27th, to give us plenty of time to be involved with the rehearsal dinner, last minute festivities, and anything else that is part of the Pepe/Sarah union. Hooo ah!

9:55 EST:
Made it home safe and sound. Man, that sure beats driving. Get home in 2 hours, net vs. 9 hours. But, it costs 450 bux vs. 100 bux in gas? So, what, 4 hours of travel and 450 bux or 18 hours of travel and 100 bux. Not sure it’s easy to come up with a better choice…