Having fun in Green Bay

Michelle and I are having a great, relaxing time in Green Bay so far! We pretty much got her on Friday night and immediately hit up a local bar, Nicki’s. Had some Blue Moon, which I paid for on Saturday morning with a temporary headache. That Blue Moon is some damn sweet beer. The sweeter it is, the harder it hurts!

Saturday, we had a nice family lunch with the Pappas family, helped them to prepare for Dave and Sarah’s engagment party. Saturday night, we had their part at his mom and dad’s house from about 5pm until somewhere near midnight. We had TONS of fun with his sisters and their husbands/boyfriends, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpa, etc. Dave and Sarah’s friends also joined in on the fun and helped us to drink a refrigerator full of beer! Good times. Click the photos link in the right nav to see pictures of this event!

Sunday, we had a nice family breakfast, and the sisters went back to Milwaukee where Krysten and Beth go to school and where Lisa and Jeff live. We went bye Dave and Sarah’s house which they have their closing on Nov. 13 and they move in on November 22. We drove by St. Mary’s where they will get married, and then we went to Lambeau Field to have lunch and watch some football at Curly’s, which just opened in September, named after Curly Lambeau, if you didn’t know that already. Sunday afternoon, we came back home and watched football and just hung out with Dave’s parents. It was very relaxing, actually. It was actually good quality time talking about Dave when he was young, and the rest of the family. We always have such nice talks with Dr. and Mrs. Patrickus. 😀

Today, we just bs’d around Green Bay: taking Dave’s gloves back, buying some gloves for Michelle at Kohl’s, having a lunch buffet (the bing continues) at Godfather’s Pizza and then coming back home where we veg’d a bit, while getting ready, mentally, for the big game!

Oooopp, Pepe’s out of the shower. That’s my cue. Oh, Paul, Dave’s cousin, in from New Jersey for the game, just stopped by and visited. We’re going to tailgate, although it’s indoors, with him and Herb, his brother.

The game is going to be a damn good time!