Lions, Lions, Lions…

Those poor Detroit Lions. They scored first with a fumble recovery runback, but they haven’t scored since. They are down 28-7, at home, and the 2nd half is about to get under way.

Fun morning
Went to Starbucks to write my term paper for Contemporary Management. Not too bad. Had to write about motivation and how two motivation theories apply to the reward systems at work. I was able to come up with some pretty good material in the two or so hours I spent there. Not a bad day. Took a nice drive afterwards, up Orion road, to check out some of the phat cribs in Goodison. REAL PHAT. Also went grocery shopping, which is always fun.

Mr. R’s Carnival of Terror
We swung by the haunted house last night. We wanted to see how it was going for Scott, Billy, and co. We were glad to see Steve, Billy, Scott, and Mr. Rouvalis. Looked like a fun way to spend a Friday night, if you asked me. Something I’d be interested in helping out with in the future. There was SOME craziness. Apparently, someone felt it necessary to punch one of their actors and take off running. What a loser.