Broke my favorite web-based email client yesterday!

I was trying to be slick and upgrade IMP yesterday, which is part of the Horde framework! What a dummy. I not only broke Horde and IMP, but I think I also messed up my PEAR installation. PEAR is a framework that lives within PHP on my server. Well, today, I’m going to try and fix everything. Can I do it? We’ll see. All this Linux stuff is a learning experience, day in and day out.

Thursday NBC Shows
The new Thursday NBC shows start tonight. Pretty excited about them all. Friends is always great, as is Will and Grace. There is also a new show called Coupling which has that hot blonde English lady from The Mind of a Married Man. Her name is Sonya something or other. She’s hot, and her accent is hotter! And last but not least, E.R. is always sensational!

We watched Solaris last night. Strange movie. And I think I fell asleep for about 5 critical minutes near the end of the movie. I have this affliction where if I’m 5% tired, I fall asleep when I’m watching movies… maybe it happens more during the slower ones, the ones that require more thought. Wears a guy out, I guess.

Great 6 miles on the treadmill
We had our last of our longer Wednesday runs last night. It started raining just as we were heading out the door, so we headed to the gym instead, which kind of sucked, as running 6 miles on a treadmill blows! Anyway, had a great run of 50:56!