Running is getting “old”

I don’t know if I’m just sick of running, if I’m “tired”, or if I’m just ready to move onto the next thing, but the past two or three weeks have been kind of “ho-hum” when it comes to running. I’ve skipped two Thursday runs, albeit short ones. It looks like I’m going to skip this Thursday’s run, as we started our running week on Wednesday instead of Tuesday, and didn’t run our 8 miles last night because we thought the cabinet guy would be over at 6:30. He didn’t make it over until about 8:30PM. No biggie.

Since I’m/we’re in this running “rut”, we decided we’d run the 8 miles on Friday, the 4 on Saturday, and the 12 on Sunday. NAH! I’d rather run the 8 tonight and the 12 on Saturday or Sunday. Most likely Sunday, as running 12 miles tomorrow morning doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. But running 4 miles tomorrow doesn’t sound too bad.

See, this running stuff gets in the way. I can’t complain, it’s done wonders for my health. My cholesterol is WAY down, with the help of Lipitor, garlic, and fish oil, of course, but it’s still WAY down, almost 50%. It’s done wonders for my psyche. Although, at the moment, my psyche is focused on other things, mainly, my job at Ford.

I received my job offer yesterday. Now I just have to go through the HR hoops and finally get hired in. Then, that chapter will be done. However, the race on Oct. 5 is actually the next big chapter in my life, for some reason.

I have a great apprehension and anxiety about the race. I am afraid I’ve set an unrealistic goal to try and run the race in 4:00:00 or less. Maybe I should have set a goal that is more attainable. To try and shave off 29 minutes might be too much, but I think it’s a tough challenge, and I’m hoping that on the morning of October 5th, I’m blessed with cool, dry weather, and the strength and endurance of 100 men!