The 20 miler is done

PHEW! That’s all I can say. The pinnacle of our 18 weeks of training has come and gone. PHEW! That’s all I can say. Michelle and I decided to do our 20 miler with the help of my little friend, the Timex GPS watch. This thing has really helped us out, mentally and spiritually. It’s allowed for us to run off the beaten path this year. We ran around Mackinac Island a few weeks back without having to worry how far around the island the road actually went. It allowed for us to run up in Mancelona without having to count the “mile” blocks we ran. It allowed for us to run all the way from our house, to the 1 mile marker going clockwise in Stony Creek…and BACK, yesterday. Can you believe that? We ran all the way TO Stony Creek and back! We ran from our house, actually the corner of Amberwood and Meadowview, down Auburn Road to Ryan, up Ryan to 23 Mile Road, west on 23 Mile Road to Dequindre, up Dequindre to a path that is about 1.75 miles from an intersection to a path that leads into Stony Creek. It was amazing. The houses we saw on the 1.75 mile path that leads to the OTHER path into Stony were breathtaking. “Dream Houses” if you must. They are houses that had little to no noise at any given time. The loudest thing would have been a group of people walking, blading, running, or biking along the path that was in the backyard! What an amazing run. I can’t thank my lovely wife enough for helping propagate this active lifestyle of ours. I can’t think of how lazy I was, at times, in college, up at Michigan Tech.