Keep the traffic coming!

Maybe I am obsessed, but I think I need to be. Jim Karpen, a writer for PocketPC Magazine, has covered my site once again. In his latest Web Guide, he mentions that my site has gone through a face lift and upgrade of the portal system. This is true, and I hope it spurs some traffic this week and gets me some more “keeper” users.

Personal Best for 5 miles last night!
I ran 5 miles in 39:50 last night. That’s a pace of 7:58 per mile! Less than a month to go, and getting pumped, nervous, and excited!

Worst commute TO work, to date!
Besides the commute home on the “Blackout of 2003“, today’s commute TO work was horrid, the worst, unacceptable! It took me over an hour to get from the Lodge and M39 to work. There was an accident near Joy road that caused 2 of 3 lanes to close. IT SUCKED! I called Michelle to pass time and I called Dan to pass time. The problem with the way IN TO WORK is that people are either not at work yet, or they don’t want to be on the phone so early in the morning. The new GPS I’m testing, Tom Tom Navigator US was fun, but not so much when you’re moving at 1mph on average!