Sunday Morning Over Easy

This is how we do it. We always plan on getting up early, like 7 or 8, so that we can get the run out of the way…but have we done it like this? Nope! And you know why? Because we highly enjoy our “down time”, Sunday Morning. We rest, read, eat…and slowly get ready to run. We end up running around noon. No biggie today, though, since it’s only going to be 81 degrees, and with a rising barometer, the air should be nice and dry. There is one concern I have, I’ll miss watching the Lions game, or at least the beginning of it.

Mariner’s Goodbye
Jeff and Marilyn had a little shindig for Dave and Kinski yesterday. It was my first chance to see their house up past where Dan and April live. Nice place. I would LOVE to live on a lake. But living on a lake would incur some added expenses. BOAT! But how bad could it be? Just ask Mike and Amy! Anyway, it was great to see all my friends, and I was sad to go so early. Just as most of them were getting there, I had to leave. Oh well.

David and Christine
I had to leave Jeff’s house because David and Christine had their housewarming party. We also celebrated Uncle Jack’s 70th birthday! He’s quite a guy. I got a chance to talk with him for about 15 minutes about his career as a teacher in Highland Park. It was real nice to bond with him. He’s a good guy. He LOVES his grandchildren and his children. I like Jack.