Catching up
I didn’t really have all that much time to write yesterday. I was “catching up” from missing work on Tuesday, and the Labor Day Holiday on Monday. As I mentioned earlier, we had the funeral for my Nouna on Monday. Funerals suck, but the togetherness part of them is the best part. It’s too bad, as the cliche goes, that it takes funerals to see certain people.

I have about 7 work days left before my “Preview” presentation at work. After that, I should hopefully get the “NOD” to be brought aboard, where I’ll have to negotiate my salary and any other negotiable stuff.

Sig Tau Draft
We had our (my 2nd) Sig Tau Draft yesterday. The Sportsline system choked. It wasn’t showing the 10th team, so we ended up just using their draft/chat room to do our draft the good ole fashioned way. Mariner came over again and brought with him a six pack of wide mouth Mickey’s. Man, 3 of those and a Heineken get you pretty liquored up! Hell, I may have even had 2 Heinekens! Nonetheless, the draft was fun, 10 teams, 7 man roster, no defense. Should be an interesting season. I woke up at 4:34 this morning with a shitty headache, even though I drank about 35 oz. of water before I went to bed. So, I drank more water, took 2 Excedrin, and worked a little on AximUsers.com.

Only about a month to go for the race. Michelle printed out a course map, which is way different than the 2001 Marathon. In 2001, they had to alter the course due to the 9/11 tragedy. They detoured from going into and out of Canada. This year, we start at Comerica Park, head towards the Ambassador Bridge, come back through the tunnel (which will cause me a “shift”, since my GPS won’t work down there, throwing off my data), run towards and do six miles on Belle Isle, and then do the last 8 miles towards Grosse Pointe and finish at the 50 yard line of Ford Field. I’m super excited, and SUPER nervous. Why am I nervous? I’m not nervous to finish, not at all. I’m nervous about FAILING to perform better than I did last year in Chicago.

Deal and a steal?
Yesterday, when I came back from meetings at another building, there was some “buzz” about this ridiculous laptop deal at BestBuy.com. The link that Nadia sent me didn’t work, but she had a cached copy on her machine. It was for a Sony P4 2.6Ghz, DVD burner/CD Burner, 512MB RAM, 60GB HD, 64MB Radeon video (not sure which one), 16″ screen, etc, for $300 PLUS a $150 rebate! Well, I put my order through, which got pre-approved on my Visa check card. I am crossing my fingers. Nadia ordered 4 of them, others ordered a bunch too. I didn’t see this deal posted on any of the deal sites out there, like dealsea.com, or slickdeals.net. If this goes through, I’ll feel like I won a lottery!