Con Man gets the F50 I can’t believe this!!! All it took was a guy in fancy attire and a slick tongue to con this dealership out of a $700k Ferrari F50. Man… what a shame. I bet after this story breaks nationwide, car salesmen and women will think twice about letting some shister get behind the wheel of […]

Centipede joke

This guy was lonely and decided life would be more fun if he had a pet. So he went to the pet store and told the owner that he wanted to buy an unusual pet. After some discussion, he finally bought a centipede (100-legged bug), Which came in a little white box to use for […]

My cousin Georgia: Died 09/27/2003

Dino’s Tribute to her life. My cousin Georgia (aka Gogoula) passed away on Saturday, September 27, 2003. She is the daughter of John and Kiki Filias. About 11 days ago, she had an aneurysm in the back of her brain. This aneurysm hemorrhaged (from what I understand) and the back of her brain had a […]

My External Womb Idea

In talking with my account rep at the company I currently work for, I was reminded of a funny conversation we had. I was explaining to Kendall and Michelle (my reps) the idea I had for an external womb. It’s like a fish tank that is filled with a gelatinous substance so that you can […]

A bit slow on blogging.

Maybe I’ve just been “booked” the past few days. I haven’t had much energy to write anything. The fire will be fueled soon. I’ve been fighting with getting a job offer at work, to go direct, and with making sure is what it was meant to be: A KICK ASS SITE for the Dell […]

What a fantastic weekend!!!

This weekend was great. The weather was awesome through and through. Had a nice motorcycle ride yesterday morning, enjoyed watching football (even thought the Lions are disappointing) with Michelle, and really enjoyed running to Michelle’s mom and dad’s house where we had a mini-birthday celebration! Good thing they were home, as we needed the ride […]