Working later than normal

Sometimes it’s kind of fun to work past 5pm. Today, I’m going to stay here until about 7PM, then head over to the airport to pick up Pepe! I get to listen to 50 Cent, out loud, laugh louder, etc.
I’ve been kind of obsessed the last two days with how much more populare is than What can you do? You can only do as much as you put into it, right? I need to push harder to get my site out there. I was doing it much more during the winter months and spring months, but the summer has pretty much taken me over. With lifting, running, school, and work…I’ve had little energy to push the site out to the masses. Well, that has to change! I am looking at new ways to get the site more traffic and more revenue! For example, it looks like PocketPC Magazine and have a pretty heavy partnership. The Dell Axim forum category, although small, seems to be a big deal. As soon as people go there, the AximSite logo is right there, in front of them. I need to work out something with PocketPCThoughts, perhaps, but I think AximSite beat me to having a relationship with them already. I’ll think of something!