Fun weekend ahead of us!

Pepe and Sarah are coming back into town this evening. Their plane comes in at 7:44PM. Should be a fun weekend. We’ll probably just hang out and watch the MTV Video Music Awards. They start at 8PM. I’m kind of sad we’ll miss the beginning, but they re-air it at 11:30PM. This way, we can see the big opening act which has Britney Spears marrying Madonna, with a slew (possibly) of other big-named peeps involved! Tomorrow, I’m going to come into work about 3 hours, to get my hours up to something respectable. Gurnip was going to have a vacation day, but it was made pretty clear that they need her tomorrow. She might also have to come in on Sunday a little bit. I would, if I had to. Kind of sucks, since we have guests in town, but I’m a good entertainer, on my own!

I had my Yahoo! draft last night. It was super exciting! Mariner and Kinski came over for dinner, and the draft. They showed us pictures of their Alaskan honeymoon (will be online tonight), and pictures of their condo in Boston. Looks super exciting! I hope that Michelle and I can, one day, have an adventure, outside of The D. The draft, back to it, was awesome. The picks were only 90 seconds each, or less. It made the draft go extremely fast! We loved it. It was so fast, you didn’t even have a chance to blink or plan out who you want to draft in terms of bye weeks. I also set it to 3 reserves, to make the league a bit more exciting in terms of transactions. I say the word EXCITING quit a bit.

5 mile run:
Contemplating skipping the 5 mile run this week. But we may do it on Saturday morning, before Jesse’s wedding reception. Not sure I really “need” to do the 5 miles, but if it helps, it helps. Right?