Meeting with Kendall and Michelle

I finally got to meet up with Kendall, from Excell Data. She is the recruiter that got me the position at Ford! It was a pleasure to meet her. Michelle, from Compucom, brought her to my “lair”. 🙂 We had a nice 30 minute breakfast meeting, met, bs’d, and then came to my dungeon. They also had a chance to meet David, my supervisor.

Speaking of David, I meet with him this afternoon to start getting my material together for my presentation I have at the end of next month as part of my Ford hiring process. I’m so excited, nervous, and anxious at the same time. I don’t know HOW to feel! I am going to be myself, and put my best foot forward!

Best run of my life last night!
Yesterday, it was extremely hot and muggy, over 90 degrees Fahrenheit and near 100% humidity. The heat index was at or near 100. Michelle and I decided that we’d do our 8 mile run at World Gym in Rochester. I wasn’t too thrilled about running that long on the mill, but it was more pleasant sounding that doing it outdoors. Michelle had her Sculpt and Define class first, then she’d do her run. When I got there, she had already been running for about 45 minutes. Her leg hurt, it might be developing another cyst. I sure hope not, as that really brings my baby’s spirits down. Irregardless, we’ll have it taken care of! Anyway, I did my first mile in 10 minutes, but did the remaining 7 miles at 8 minutes/mile. I took a 1 minute walk break at 4 miles. I did the last 4 with no stops. It was my best 8 mile run, ever! 1:06:56!!!!