Run with Demo

Today’s 4 mile run was a special treat. Even though we got off to a late start, Demo and I ran four miles near the gym. I forgot my watch, but Dave, the trainer, happened to have his handy-dandy Times GPS watch with him. I brought the HRM strap and the GPS antenna. I just needed his watch! I was glad, too, because I really need to try and run outdoors as much as possible, as the marathon date nears!

We took my usual path, but this time, I cut out the apartment complex I run through to extend the time we’d be in the Catholic cemetary. It was beautiful! While inside the cemetary gates, we stumbled upon a mother deer and 2 or 3 of her children! It was so serene and peaceful. I wish Gurnip could have seen it! I’ll enjoy it for her! But it’s hard!

Demo is definitely CAPABLE of running a marathon, he just has to put in the time! I’d even bet that he could run fairly fast with a little bit of running discipline!

Thanks for running with me, Demo. It’s always better to have a running partner!

Canon S400:
I got my Canon S400 yesterday, finally, after the power outage delay. I am so happy I did it. I sold my S45 to Scott’s work for 3 hunit, and this one only cost 419 after the 10% off coupon at Dell. This is so much smaller and friendlier! I think Michelle really likes it, but she didn’t get a chance to play with it last night, since Demo and China (Kina) came over. Demo got a camera and memory, too, so he came by to pick it up and to check out our sprinklers. Surprisingly, they seemed fine while he was there. 🙁 I wish they were bad. 🙂

Cabinet guy:
The microwave oven project is nearing fruition. We had another carpenter come out yesterday. He’s under the impression that it would be very easy to go to Imperial Cabinets, which is on 23 Mile Road (he says), and get them to sell us a new, smaller cabinet. I’m excited to move on with these projects, even though I’m not doing all of them. Sometimes it’s just nice to get shit done!