Family Barbeque Rocked!

The barbeque we almost DIDN’T have on Saturday night was a major success! Fighting through boil water restrictions, closed restaurants in Macomb County due to an ordinance, extremely hot and muggy weather, and flash rain storms, our little Dutkiewicz/Filias barbeque was spectacular! Michelle and I started the day at 8:30AM. I had gone to bed at 4:30AM because I upgraded Axim Users Dot Com and ran into some problems. Thanks to Kevin of YAUWS.COM for helping me fix it!

Anway, we left the house at about 9:00AM to start our day. All we wanted was a Starbucks coffee, but we realized that because of poor water quality, they closed their doors. And they closed their doors before the boil water restriction was formally put into place! Good for you, Starbucks!

We went grocery shopping at Meijer and Nino Salvaggio to prepare for our big party…oh, I mean, barbeque! We got dry goods at Meijer, and fruits, vegetables, hummus, taboule, and shish kabobs (beef and chicken) at Nino’s. We also went to Costco in the morning to get a nice, long table and six folding chairs. Great investment. We’ll probably end up getting another one of those tables and 4-6 more chairs. This way, we can easily entertain a dozen or so people during the winter months, in the basement, which is like a barren wasteland at the moment!

When we got home from shopping, I trimmed the lawn, mowed it (bagged, too), pruned the front tree, and hedged the bushes in front of our house. I wanted it to look nice and pretty! I also noticed more hornet nests…those little devils. I doused them with the hose, and I also sprayed them with our Wasp and Hornet Killer… there are more, but I’ll have to get them later. By the time I was done with the yardwork, Michelle was done setting up the “buffet”. She made rice, set up the pita bread with hummus and taboule, made fruit kabobs with the fruit dip we LOVE to eat, and made a corn/black bean salsa for regular and blue corn tortilla chips! We bought plenty of Labatt’s Blue Light, Bud Light, Coke, Diet Coke, and water! We also had paper plates, and more 16oz. Solo cups than a small fair would need, thanks to Costco!

As we were enjoying our Smirnoff Green Apple drinks, Kim and Matt showed up, then Michelle’s parents, then David and Christine, Aunt Marlene and Uncle Dick, and finally, my parents. We enjoyed the evening in the backyard, on the deck, drinking, eating, laughing, and playing LCR. My parents LOVED it! It was only the 2nd time I played it. I never get too excited while playing, but it was definitely fun, since I won a $45 pot! Michelle and her family love the game so much, they screamed up a storm. Good thing half of our neighbors weren’t home!

Thanks to everyone who bought us such nice gifts. We have more wine than an 8 Mile Road wino would drink! We have a nice, new vase, a gift certificate from Pier One Imports, some cash, and various other gift basket items! Also, my mom and dad bought us a washing machine when we first moved in! Thanks again everyone!