Final Marketing Class and Casino!

Club Exodus:
So, we had our final marketing class last night. We met at Club Exodus in Greektown, which is upstairs from the Golden Fleece. I was the first one there, and started having Red Bull and Raspberry Stoli. Damn good. I had two or three those while there. They are so damn tasty. Michelle and Angela arrived, and we hung out for a while until the rest of the class showed up. It was actually kind of interesting to meet there. We quickly ended up outdoors, on the rooftop deck/patio, as the inside wasn’t as fun and roomy. Spiro and his Uncle Vasili had set up a buffet for us. Rice Pilaf, Lamb and Chicken (no veggies!) kabobs, spinach pies, and salad. It was awesome, actually. I hadn’t had plain kabobs since I was in Greece. A nice treat. A crazy thing I noticed was that they actually have Amita juice, imported from Greece. I have NEVER seen Amita anywhere but in Greece! Hanging out on the deck was actually pretty cool. Got to see Jason Vaughn, the youngest brother of my friend, Jason, who I used to trade Commodore Amiga games with, back in the day. Jason and Joe are freelance photographers, and often do work for Hour Detroit Magazine on their own. They also have lots of projects they do for other gigs. Not a bad situation, it sounded like. Jason is actually dating this Perez chick who is in our class. Again, it was a surprise. Anyway, the evening ended with Sheila having Spiro talk a little bit about the restaurant and how they formed the club upstairs. He’s basically a 23 year old guy who decided it would be a good idea to have a club upstairs from the Golden Fleece. Not a bad spot, actually, and if Detroit actually grows, and he can pull off his private parties that he seems to have periodically, it won’t do all that bad. Apparently, they have Greek Night every other Saturday. It’d be neat to go down there one Saturday night! Spiro fielded some questions from the crowd, and then Sheila would interject here and there about other aspects of “marketing” and the birth of Detroit. It wasn’t that bad. As we were leaving, Sheila gave me a hug, kind of cool! Nice gal.

Damn Casino:
It always seems that when I casually hit up the casino, I lose. And lose I did. I lost about 80 bucks, and Michelle lost about 40 bucks on War. I played Blackjack, of course. I was up a bit, but got emotional and started making larger bets when I would lose some mid-sized bets. Damn gambling! Aaron, on the other hand, hit the War table with 40 bux, and walked with 325, and tipping the dealer 10 bux. He bought us a round of drinks. It was awesome to hang out with Aaron, Angela, Dave and his wife, Michelle, and Wurm. I like those people. I hope we can share some of the same classes as we move forward in our MBAs. So here I am, two semesters down, and about 7 to go. Let’s hope it’s this easy the whole way through!