Boot Camp Photo Shoot

So, Demo and Ike know this guy named Jeff who does a “Boot Camp” in downtown Birmingham. We met at the Peabody parking garage at 5:30 and headed over to Shain Park. The reason we went here today was because Hour Detroit Magazine was doing a photo shoot/story on Jeff’s “Boot Camp”. We all figured it would give us a chance to be in the magazine, and hopefully get us “discovered”!!! Yeah, right. Anyway, we started with the short jog, about 2 blocks. To start off, we did some various crunch exercises. The first set of actual exercises we did was a combination of mountain climbers, pushups, and squats. We also did various crunching exercises after the calisthenics. The 2nd group of exercises was using a children’s jungle gym to do pushups, dips, pushups, dips, mountain climbers, real dips, monkey bars, and then we shuffled, ran backwards, shuffled, and ran forwards around the park’s block. To finish this set, we did foot touches with a light pounding on our lower stomach (down and up motion). The third set of excercises was crab walking, lunging, and running, three times. We ended the morning’s routine with more ab work: 30 crunches, 30 side to side crunches, and 30 superman (on the stomach) lifts. Not bad for :50 of work. Had a decent sweat going, too.

After this, I decided to run 3 more miles. The boot camp took about 1 mile of distance up. Ike and Demo ran with me. Ike ran about 2 miles, and Demo ran the 3 miles with me. It was nice, as we ran through and around downtown Birmingham. I never really saw it when it was dead and empty…just getting going. Kind of nice. Definitely high-rent!