Can the damn class be over yet?

Group meeting:
So, we were supposed to meet up with our Marketin class group last night. We went to The Rock on 3rd in Royal Joke. Man, that place was packed. They have $1 Labatt’s on Thursdays, so all the youngsters gather to get their drink on. It was actually alright, but I was hoping for a quieter place. And…they could have at least opened the fucking windows. I hate smokehouses! Place was loud, too. Anyway, we waited there until about 8:45PM for our group member, Angela. We thought she was getting lucky on her blind date! 😀 Actually, we’re all losers for not sharing our cell phone numbers. So the five of us decided to go to Mr. B’s and sit outside. It actually turned out nice! Aaron, James (Wurm) and his girl Jill, me, and Michelle found the corner table was opened, and had them dry it off. We enjoyed over 2 hours of just bullshitting, people, car, and motorcycle-watching on Main St. We didn’t really talk about the paper like we were supposed to, just hung out.

Denny, Dave, and the WRX:
At the end, Denny and his roommates came, as well as our friend from high school, Sherry. She’s going through a divorce, damn shame. Can’t win ’em all, right? It was great to see Denny! I actually saw him earlier, before I went to The Rock on 3rd. I met his roommate, Dave, who took me for a ride in his 227hp Subura WRX. Nice ride. He’s done a few things to it, and it is definitely a performer! He tells me that the Saab 92 that comes out next year is going to be a WRX with a Saab shell over it. Damn, how fun is that? That’s what I need to get! We’ll trade the 93 in for that!!! Probably not, but you can always dream!