Bounty for Dead Americans? Damn!

Yahoo! News – Saddam’s Followers Raise Bounty for Dead Americans

I can’t believe this shit. What’s it gonna take to just get rid of these bastards over there? I guess I’d be kind of pissed if there was a foreign military group here in the U.S. I’d want to get rid of them, too. It’s almost like an ongoing movie.

Running last night:
Michelle and I had an amazing 7 miler last night. Just about the exact same time as last weeks, but this time, we kept it VERY consistent! We used the Timex GPS watch to TRY and keep us between an 8:50 and 9:15 pace. The longest stretch we had where we were actually IN that pace was about 10-15 seconds! I have to hand it to the pros, they are amazing. I guess they can run an entire marathon and only vary their mile pace by 2 seconds! AMAZING! Simply amazing! I kicked it up a notch the last mile, and did it in 7:38. I was hoping I’d do it faster. I think I did the first 1/2 mile faster, but started to lose a little bit of steam near the end. All in all, a great run. This morning’s run was very difficult. It took nearly 40 minutes. I didn’t have the energy and lungs (it seemed) to run any faster. After all, I had just run 7 miles less than 12 hours ago!