Concert Fun!

Counting Crows and John Mayer:
This fucking sucks! I just typed two or three paragraphs describing how good the concert was. Now I have to try again. Oh well.

Michelle and I were running late, literally. We decided to do our 10 mile run on Saturday so that we wouldn’t have to worry about squeezing it in before Kim and Matt’s shower. The run was kind of weak. We barely broke 11 minute miles, but that’s okay. Just gotta work harder on the longer weekend runs coming up! The rasce is only two months away! Anyway, we got to the concert at about 7:30. The Counting Crows didn’t go on yet and we had to find Jesse (Jason) and Angela. Right before the Crows went on, we see Jesse…sa-weet! He had been there since around 5:45 and had secured a GREAT spot, near the front, stage right (facing). He’s a big kid, so the space he took up had plenty of room for us. The Counting Crows were awesome! They played all kinds of songs (I’d never rememer the titles) and the crowd loved it. The lead singer does a damn good job. He said his best friend got traded to the Red Wings, so he put on his jersey part-way through the show (Schneider).

John Mayer was the star of the night. That young man did such a great job. He has soul like most older, experienced singers have. His performance, live, was WAY better than his performance on his CD. When he sang “Wonderland”, the crowd erupted. Hell, even Jesse and I sprang to our feet to join in on the fun. John Mayer also sang a song or three that must be coming on his new CD. Show was great, company was great. Weather was even better. It had been said that it was going to rain all day, and it didn’t. I’m so glad it didn’t, as I was able to mow the lawn and go running. The only thing I regret about the day was that we didn’t go to Mike and Amy’s because we thought the weather was going to deter us from playing on the lake and we had some cleaning up to do indoors because we were having guests swing by after Kim’s shower. So, no real regrets! Thanks, Mike and Amy, for the invite.