Laptop Grief, Running, Hawk Film, Blog

Config file bullshit:
What a damn mess! I try to fire up the laptop to find some nice hotels or B&Bs on Mackinac Island for the 8/22-8/24 trip, but the laptop comes up and tells me that my config file might be shot. Damn it! I get to the recovery console, but don’t have the energy to deal with it. I guess I have to. I could always just reinstall XP on top of itself. That’s always easy. Man, Michelle’s keyboard is really nice! Types fast, too.

Running 10 miles:
We are supposed to run 10 miles today, but we’re super sore from wakeboarding on Thuresday evening. It’s also supposed to rain all day, but it hasn’t yet, and it’s 10:36 AM. The sad thing is that we could have come and gone and not have had to worry about running tomorrow morning, before Kim’s shower. Oh well, that’s what life is about. Choices and consequences. 😀

Chutney Popcorn:
I’ve always wanted Michelle to watch Chuntney Popcorn on Sundance. It’s a movie about these Hawk sisters. One is married and finds out she can’t have children, and the other is a Lesbian. Their mates are both white. It’s kind of cool. The movie revolves around the lesbian offering to be the surrogtate mother for her sister. The movie builds around this the entire time, and the mother-who-can’t-have-no-kids eventually doesn’t want her sister to give birth, but it’s too late. The lesbian sister keeps the child for herself. It’s a good movie. I watched it when I was laid off.

Maybe I’ll try and keep this up. This Movable Type thing is a damn good time!